The Brief:   

To change this bathroom from feeling cramped and outdated to a beautiful sanctuary with echoes of a luxurious spa. To make this small bathroom seem much larger than it actually is, to include plenty of storage and to create a design
that has no gender bias.

 The Design:

A reworked floor plan which removes the old sink unit and now places the new sink in the north-east corner of the bathroom, opening up the whole space. The bath/shower wall to have two large mirrors which adds to this open feeling.

 The Outcome:

An exquisite spa-like bathroom which appeals to both genders. Ingenious storage solutions include shelves above the bath for bath/shower products and/or candles, a new tallboy with both open and closed storage, a new under-sink unit and a new mirrored cabinet above the sink.


For more photographs of the Bathroom, please see the gallery below: