Shelley Bradstock is a distinguished and dedicated interior designer best known for her fusion of stunning interior design with ingenious principles of psychology. As the visionary behind Designs by Shelley B, Shelley Bradstock is uniquely qualified to offer a wealth of interdisciplinary skills. 

She holds a Dip(IDI) in Interior Design, a BSc(Hons) in Psychology, an MA in Medical and Human Sciences and is renowned for her passion in creating beautiful designs that mix timeless notions of sophistication and elegance with practical and psychological concepts.

As the creator and author of the popular lifestyle and design blog, Design!Style!Beauty! Shelley has written numerous blog articles and her designs have featured on television programmes throughout the UK. She is also focussing on expanding her line of bespoke accessories for the home, each reflecting her signature style.

When Shelley isn’t working, she loves spending time with her family, baking and hosting dinner parties and enjoys travelling to new destinations. She finds inspiration in everything from design and fashion to meeting new people and exploring new countries and different cultures.

Shelley Bradstock currently resides in Prestwich, Manchester with her husband and young son.