Our Online Floorplan / Room Layout Package

Click on the tabs below to find out more information about our Online Floorplan and Room Layout Package:

 Stage One:
Click on the 'Prices & To Order ' tab (above right) to choose the number of rooms you would liketo purchase a Floorplan / Room Layout Package.

Stage Two:
Within 48 hours of your payment having been processed, you will receive your online personal consultation questionnaire. When you have submitted your questionnaire you will shortly receive a confirmation e-mail and we will commence our floorplan design phase.

Stage Three:
Within seven working days of the date of your confirmation e-mail you will receive your Floorplan / Room Layout Presentation which includes your two floorplan options and one 3D Image of the room layout we recommend.

Stage Four:
You use your Floorplan / Room Layout Presentation to guide you throughout your implementation of your new design.

We would love it if you would send us photos of your completed room.

Please Note:
  • Multiple rooms require additional time (one week per room)
  • Please remember to seek any relevant professional advice (for example, from builders, electricians, plumbers etc.) before implementing your Design Package as Designs by Shelley B. cannot be held at all liable in any way for any work undertaken.